Mmm Gotta love fresh homemade bread

So there I am, in my kitchen, minding my own business when I realize that I have an over-abundant amount of bananas and I probably will not eat them all in a timely… Continue reading

Good manners…

“Good manners: The noise you don’t make when you’re eating soup.” Bennett Cerf

I am really excited for autumn because there is are innumerable hearty soup recipes that I am so excited to learn how to make. 

Chicken Lickin’ But not really

So, I made a huge judgement error, helped my husband move a mattress for someone. Consequently, I was away longer than I expected and instead of the chicken thawing in cold water for… Continue reading

Baked Brie with organic raspberry preserves and sliced almonds served with wheat baguette

Fine Drinks Need Fine Accessories

Fine Drinks Need Fine Accessories

My husband is quite the beer enthusiast. Here are some brilliant and unique essentials.

Zucchini Bread on the Food Network

Zucchini Bread on the Food Network.

Paula Deen

Paula Deen gets a lot of flack for her fatty, southern cooking, but she can make a damn good zucchini bread. (Though recently she seems to be reforming her image from the queen… Continue reading