Rookie Mommy Mistakes: Poop Fiasco

Ugh. I’m sure so many mommies AND daddies, of course πŸ™‚ know what it is like to just have one of those, face palm parenting moments. Whether it is a time when your child repeats something ridiculous you have said or tells your critical inlaws about that one time when you were boating in the lake and told them to just pee in the water because the port a potties were too far down the trail.

Because my son is only an infant, I have only made mistakes like, gotten him all ready for the bath, had him ready to put into the water, forgotten to fill the tub and laid him down in his crib to do so, only to come back less than 2 minutes later to find that he had started to poop.Β  After the massive cleanup and laundry……let’s just say….Lesson learned.

But mistakes are all a huge part of life. Personally, I’d rather learn from the mistakes others make rather than look foolish myself, but sometimes….like the poop fiasco…it is inevitable that we make them.

The important part is that we learn from them. πŸ™‚