Book Review: Eat To Live By Joel Fuhrman


This is a Food/Kitchen/Mommy/Life blog, right? Well, now it is, thanks to my son and becoming a mom. I don’t really have time to dedicate to multiple blogs; each about one separate thing. This blog is just going to have to suit, but I like it. SO, here it is…the book portion of my blog.

While I was pregnant, I read this book, Eat To Live. I loved it. I am not here to give you all of the gory details and spoilers, you already know what it is about; eating. Well, yes and no. It is about living. Not really a new concept, we do that every day. But really, is it a self help book? Is it a diet program? I’m going to let you decide what you want to label it.

Basically. Dr. Fuhrman gives us the scientific reasoning, sort of dumbed down for us non-scientific folks, for why we are starving and fat and how to fix it. STARVING AND FAT. Yes. You read that right. It is a bit sad and pathetic, actually.

Look. What I came away with is simple. Nutrients over calories. They’re more important. SO……..foods that have high calories and little, to no nutrients are bad. That is basically how we live. We eat whatever and think to ourselves, “crap….shouldn’t have eaten that…it’ll go to my thighs”. No. Worse. It’s just plain bad and we eat more and gain weight because the foods we eat don’t hold enough nutrients.

I really could go on and on. This book is great. It’s not a diet plan or weight loss plan. This book serves to teach people about the purpose of food.