How to eat healthily and cook for two

I’ll be the first to admit that cutting a recipe in half takes way more effort than just following it and whipping up the final result to feed four. The problem with that is it causes us to over eat because 1. There’s more to eat and it was delicious. 2. We don’t want to waste our hard earned money and 3. “There’s only a little left I’ll eat it if you eat it”.<– I cannot even count the times that my husband has said that.

Here are some conscious meal making decisions that I am working into my own kitchen.

1) halve the recipe BEFORE you get to the grocery store ( I know..more work)

2) use light or fat free dairy products in high fat meals like homemade Alfredo sauce or stuffed shells

3) spoon the meal onto plates and leave the platter of food in the kitchen.

4) serve a simple salad of greens with oil and vinegar or fat free dressing that you and your partner both can enjoy

5) drink water with all your meals add lemon, lime or a combination of citrus to add some taste

6) for all those beer loving individuals: beer does mean some tasty and robust calories. Cut back if you're drinking more than a few at meal times or later in the day.

7) if you buy packages of chicken, for example, cook what you want now and save the others for another recipe, plan your meals accordingly.

8) for dishes like stuffed shells or Mac and cheese adding vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower adds nutrients and fiber to an otherwise carb and dairy filled meal.

9) halve the recipes ( I know I already mentioned that but it's important)

10) if you make a big batch of chili or soup spontaneously invite some friends or neighbors to enjoy it with you.

11) my husband works with a lot of single men, if I make pumpkin bread or muffins or a big batch of soup, I have him take portions for those guys which makes less for us to eat and also makes them feel cared about as well.

12) having tea or coffee or broth before a meal will fill you up, thus having you eat less. Also tea or coffee after dinner with dessert will result in eating less dessert, how about that! 😉

So those are some of the tips I have scrounged up along the way and the ones that I have found work very well for the two of us. Most importantly, though, when you're cooking for two definitely halve the recipe. It's so easy to over eat and so easy to justify it when it's delicious and/or you don't want to waste. The best solution is to make less food from the start.