Annie’s Homegrown

I am actually a pretty anti-mivrowave individual. In my most recent Mamavoxbox sent complimentary by Influenster, I received a product to review produced by Annie’s Homegrown. I actually really liked the Annie’s Macaroni… Continue reading


Super excited to recieve the complementary Mamavoxbox via Influenster for review. In the box, I received: POND’S Luminous Finish BB+cream in light and medium BelVita Mixed berry soft baked breakfast biscuits Annie’s homegrown… Continue reading

Food Finds on Pinterest

This was dinner tonight. A recipe I found on Pinterest and had to try. Quinia, bean and corn burritos. Super yummy! Recipe

Rookie Mommy Mistakes: Poop Fiasco

Ugh. I’m sure so many mommies AND daddies, of course 🙂 know what it is like to just have one of those, face palm parenting moments. Whether it is a time when your… Continue reading


It’s pure genius. A place where people, mainly women join to prove that they are active enough on social media to receive free stuff in exchange for reviews and product promotion. Super cheap… Continue reading

Book Review: Eat To Live By Joel Fuhrman

  This is a Food/Kitchen/Mommy/Life blog, right? Well, now it is, thanks to my son and becoming a mom. I don’t really have time to dedicate to multiple blogs; each about one separate… Continue reading

My New Kitchen

This is my official first blog post since I had gotten pregnant almost a year ago. I spent the first 5 months very sick and it was as un-graceful a start to pregnancy… Continue reading

How to: Make a Fast, Easy, Basic Meat Sauce Loaded with Veggies

I’ll be the absolute first to admit that I am as far from a chef as I could possibly get. I will say though, as someone with a best friend who IS an… Continue reading

Poblano chicken chowder

Today was a good day for a hearty bowl full of poblano chicken chowder. Not only am I feeling a tad “under the weather” but my hubby is quite sickie himself. This choice… Continue reading

How to eat healthily and cook for two

I’ll be the first to admit that cutting a recipe in half takes way more effort than just following it and whipping up the final result to feed four. The problem with that… Continue reading